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Practical information

What do I need to know?

Child Model

Child session

Duration 50 min. 

Intake Duration 75 min. 


(20 min) is free of charge.

Family playing

Parents Session

Duration 50 min. 

Intake Duration 75 min. 


(20 min) is free of charge.

Man Carrying a Box

Relocation session

Duration 50 min. 

Intake duration 90 min. 


(20 min) is free of charge.

Fees refunds


Since 2015, therapy for children might be arranged and paid through the municipality. Depending on the diagnosing psychological problem, the municipality will decide whether your case falls under their terms of support. Pursuant to the child needs, this may be an expert employed by the municipality or as a member of a neighborhood team, but also a general practitioner, youth doctor or medical specialist. They can refer you to all forms of youth care.

It is also possible that the treatment costs are reimbursed from a Personal Budget. Check this link for more information:


Child therapy is reimbursed from the supplementary package of your health insurance and falls under 'alternative medicine'. Whether you qualify for this depends on how you are insured. You can check this with your health insurer. 

Only with additional insurance may a number of treatment sessions be reimbursed by certain health insurers. Whether you can also claim (part of) the costs depends on your insurance/municipality. Please inquire about this with your insurer/municipality yourself.The care provider must often be a member of a professional organization (e.g. NIP, NVO) and must be trained at a nationally recognized training. Some types of therapy may also be covered by your health insurer's additional health insurance. This means that municipalities are not responsible for this


Private insurances may also cover (some) of the costs, depending on your coverage.

I am a member of a professional association that works with many insurance companies, I have contracts with some municipalities and I'm a member of the official NIP psychology organization. If necessary, ask your health insurer for all options or ask me for advice and tips for reimbursement.


My registration codes:

Registered NIP psychologist

Member of the professional association Adiona, member number 973

AGB code 90109936 for therapists and Complementary and Supplementary care (care provider) and 90068878 (practice)


Tax authorities:

Deductible under the heading of psychosocial assistance/guidance, the sessions can be claimed as a deductible item for income tax. You can also deduct the costs incurred as special medical expenses on your tax return.

Terms and Conditions

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Privacy declaration

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